Voodoo Doughnut

22 SW Third Ave
Portland, OR

all damned night!

A doughnut shop squeezed right into the block with Portland's highest concentration of bars. This is one of those delightfully eccentric places that make Portland a neat place to be.

The menu is constantly changing, but current morsels include the Neapolitan (chocolate doughnut with vanilla frosting and strawberry Quik powder), the Arnold Palmer (lemon icing, iced tea powder), and the triple chocolate penetration (chocolate doughnut, chocolate glaze, and cocoa-puffs). Also serves ice-cold milk shots.

Every time someone mentions Krispy Kreme, I want to stuff a baseball mitt-sized Voodoo apple fritter down their throat. Krispy : Voodoo :: McDonalds : filet mignon, alright?

Open until 10-freakin-am, closed Sundays. Read the full menu at